Clean water, clear air, unspoiled soils are more than a wish list

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Here is what I want for my land near Fishtail where my family has lived for over 100 years.

• I want clean water, for drinking, for watering livestock and crops, and to keep a healthy population of fish in our creeks and streams.

• I want clean air that does not endanger my health, and does not unnecessarily emit greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

•I want my soils to remain unspoiled in the long run by requiring reclamation of industrial site damages and dangerous substances disposed of at regulated sites.

• I want my taxes to remain as low as reasonably possible, making sure that all users of county resources pay their fair share of upkeep of roads, bridges and other public services that enable us to prosper and be lucky enough to live in a beautiful area of the country.

• I want to continue to enjoy the scenic vistas and the relatively natural mountain and foothill environment along with its wildlife.

• I want the landscape to be used for the benefit of peoples’ livelihood and to economically prosper.

A zoning district has been proposed and is under consideration by the county Planning Board for the Fishtail-Dean-Nye area. This zoning district would apply only to an area that has proven oil and gas reserves, and would guide oil and gas development in a responsible way so the very things I want for my land can all be achieved while respecting my property rights.

Let’s all get behind actions like this that protect, maintain or improve the amenities listed above and at the same time allow us to live well in southern Stillwater County.

Burt Williams