Columbus skating rinknow open

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Anew kind of Februar y fun opened in

Columbus late last mont h when an ice rin k opened for the community. the The 100-foot boot side of Granite of Granit t rink is located o- plcx, south Flanked by two e picnicP tables, Park said corn- Jeff Limburg, the chairman of the Granite Peak Sports Comp lex Steerin g Committee. The rink is open to everyone, on a first-coin°-

frst-s erve basis.Thepurposeispurerecc


"Just to go out and have fun," said Lim - burg this week . The ice rink was approved by the Columbus City Council in March 2017 and crews began the prep work early this winter, said Limburg . The process was halted at least twice by heavy snowstorms. Limburg gave c redi t to city of Columbu s crews and "ICC Guru Brad Kimble " as getting the rink up and going. This first year will be a test run, with improvements p lanned .

T,,mbu,g also noted the rink brings an clemerit of safety , as kids now don ' t have to skate on the frozen river