Don’t believe the Dem hype

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Don’t believe Democrat claims that GOP wants to cut insurance for pre-existing conditions.

This past week’s newspaper caught my eye because of a couple letters that appeared in the paper. It was stated that Republicans never say how they are going to protect those with preexisting conditions in health coverage. That is just not true. House Resolution 280 was sponsored in April of 2019 by two Republican representatives and clearly states that “no American should have their health insurance taken away or lose protections for preexisting conditions.”

Why was this not brought to the floor of the House? That’s a pretty easy answer. Nancy Pelosi oversees the House. The Democrats in congress want to put on a show and say that they really care about all American’s health care.

It’s just smoke and mirrors. Joe Biden outright lied when he said that nobody lost their healthcare under the ACA. What the Democrats want is all of us under their thumbs and to live our lives the way that they see fit because we aren’t smart enough to make our own decisions.

Democrats think that their “old rich white people” are some how different than those who are in the Republican Party because they perceive them as “nicer.” If they really cared about change and diversity, they had plenty of other candidates to choose from in the primary who fit that bill. Their true colors have shown through as usual. Joe Biden is a shining example of diversity. He’s no different than Trump. He just had to go to Congress to get rich.

That includes more than just health care as well. It is our basic freedoms. Democrats are constantly attacking our right to free speech and our right to own a firearm. My favorite line is “Nobody needs an AR-15.” Why would anybody want a politician of any political party telling them what they need or don’t need?

The Democrats have also been attacking jobs in natural resources for years. Montana, and Stillwater County specifically, has relied on decades of these types of jobs to keep our economy working. If the Democrats get the power, they will continue to attack the coal and oil industries. When they are done destroying those jobs what do you think is next? I’d be willing to bet hard rock mining isn’t too far behind.

If you’re against basic American freedoms, you want to pay higher taxes, and don’t want to work, I’d vote Democrat too. But my parents taught me a lot better than that.

There was another letter in the paper that basically said that no matter what happens in this upcoming election we need to work together for a better future. I absolutely agree with the context. We do need to start finding common ground when it comes to politics. But I will add, who will be rioting, burning businesses, and flipping cars if their candidate doesn’t win?

I also saw it took four Democrats to write one letter. I wrote this one by myself. I don’t need group thinking to articulate my views.

Kyle Stadel Columbus