Extension Enlightenment

Canning tips and gearing up for the 4-H/FFA fair
Thursday, June 11, 2020

It is that time of year that our gardeners have planted their crops and await a bountiful harvest.

There are many ways to preserve the harvest — water bath canning, freezing, drying, pressure canning and atmospheric steam canning.

Have you ever used a steam canner? Steam canning is a research tested method for safely preserving high acid foods and can be used in place of the standard boiling water bath method. Steam and water bath canners have similar safety requirements processing times and types of foods preserved.

However, steam canners use far less water (2 liters) in comparison to the 10 liters required for water bath canning.

Some other differences between steam canning and water bath canning are as follows:

•Steam canning jars must be heated before filling and kept as hot as possible before processing.

•Steam canning cannot be used if the water bath recipe requires 45 minutes or more for processing time, including altitude adjustments due to smaller amounts of water and accounting for evaporation.

For safety reasons, you must use upto-date recipes that are research tested and approved. If you would like some recipes stop by the Extension office and we can help you.

Also, please remember before you begin your canning ventures, come in and have your dial pressure gauge tested. We are located at 17 north 4th street, right behind Absaroka-Bearooth Dental. You can also stop by the extension office to purchase a garden plot at our local community garden located at Granite Peak Park. For more information please stop by or give us a call. Happy gardening!


BIG NEWS: 4-H fair is a go, July 11-18! Things will look different, but we are still having the fair so we can continue to showcase the hard work these youth have put into their projects all year. The schedule is posted around town, or you can check out our Facebook page Stillwater County 4-H for more details and information.