Ferster overall winner at Absarokee Science Fair

Thursday, February 27, 2020
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Photo by Catherine Frazer - Overall winner, top 8th grader Dillon Ferster

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Photo by Catherine Frazer - Top 9th grader Avery Gates

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Photo by Catherine Frazer - Top 6th grader Mary Arthun

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Photo by Catherine Frazer - Top 7th grader Julianna Feddes

Dillon Ferster took top honors in the recent 22nd annual Absarokee Science Fair held on Tuesday, Feb. 18.

A total of 79 students presented 65 different projects. The students started working on these way back in September, conducted the experiments in December, and made their display boards in early February.

The blue ribbon winners will go on to compete in the Billings Science Expo in April.

The winners were as follows:


•1st place, Mary Arthun – “Free throws blind”

•2nd place, Adisyn Kennedy – “How salt affects ice and water”

•3rd place, Cooper Hoines – “Which flavor of gum lasts the longest?”

Other 6th grade winners were Tevyn Taylor, Mackenzie Wood, Alli George, Rowdy Jensen, Caleb Boyce and Kegan Tyler.


•1st place, Julianna Feddes – “Watering bean plants with different liquids”

•2nd place, Logan Young – “Nailed it”

•3rd place, Ziva Mekelburg – “Food vs floor”

Other 7th grade winners were Amber Peterson, Amelina Riddle, Aubrey Winter, Alli Noble, Anya Mekelburg and Jayden Foster.


•1st place, Dillon Ferster – “Got signal?”

•2nd place, Shayla Russell – “Deadly disinfectants”

•3rd place, Keagan Sandlin – “Up in smoke”

Other 8th grade winners were Allison Howes, Brynne Eixenberger, Tysen Young, Harley Kale, Callen Gunderson, Hayden Steffenson, Tom Murphy, Pam Zepeda, Billy Merryweather, and Braelynn Williams.


•1st place, Avery Gates – “So, you think you’re cool?”

•2nd place, Colt Hoines – “How permanent are permanent markers?”

•3rd place, Nila Dawson & Monique Mondragon – “Do your taste buds work?”

Mike Curl also qualified for the Billings Science Expo.