Front-line thoughts

Thursday, April 2, 2020

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, I’ve asked our governor, representative and senators to please consider how we as a state and a nation — can assist and appreciate the work of volunteers on rural ambulance services all over Montana, who are the first response to critical care scenes during the Coronavirus crisis.

As with people employed in our health care system, these Montanans continue to go to “work” to help people and put themselves at great risk in doing so.

I’ve ask those leaders to please use their positions to make certain that Montana EMS volunteers get monetary compensation for their selfless commitment to provide aid during this pandemic. And also to please consider the volunteers on the front line who receive no salary for their work.

I am not one of those volunteers, by the way, but members of my family are.

Not one of them would ever make this request. They are too selfless and humble. I am advocating for them and implore you to do the same.

Beth Ann Steffan