Going to the polls for the November election

Thursday, August 27, 2020
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Stillwater County voters will head to the polls in person this November for the General election.

That decision was announced earlier this week by Stillwater County Clerk & Recorder Heidi Stadel, who said the decision was made jointly by herself, the Stillwater County Commission, election judges and county public health.

Stadel noted the in-person voting has been approved by Stillwater Public Health Nurse Natasha Sailer and an abundance of COVID-19 prevention practices will be employed.

These include mandatory mask wearing and social distancing. Masks will be available for voters at each polling precinct, as well as hand sanitizer.

“Natasha (Sailer) was really good to work with,” said Stadel.

Stadel also said it is the election judge swho are making in-person election possible, because they are willing and ready to work the precincts.

“Our judges should be commended for volunteering to do this,” said Stadel, adding that most other counties that are not holding in-person elections are doing so due to a lack of election judges.

As of Tuesday, Stadel said Stillwater was one of 10 counties holding in-person general elections.

There will be two polling precinct changes. In Reed Point, the Reed Point Fire Hall will become the official polling location and in Molt, the newly constructed Molt Community Hall will serve as the polling location. Stadel said both are well suited for the social dis tancing measures that are necessary.

Gov. Steve Bullock gave each county the authority to hold either in-person or mail ballot voting. Stadel asks the public to remember to

Stadel asks the public to remember to exercise patience on election day and remember that the election judges are volunteers who are merely following local and state directives.

“They are just doing their jobs,” said Stadel.

Absentee voters will receive their ballots in the mail, as normal. For any voters who are not comfortable going to the polls, absentee ballots can be requested through the county website, at the Clerk & Recorder’s Office or by clicking the following link: https://sosmt.gov/Portals/142/Elections/Forms/Application-for-Absentee-B...