Juvenile burglar sent to Pine Hills for assault, vaping, truancy and curfew issues

Marlo Pronovost
Thursday, December 5, 2019
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A 17-year-old boy was sent back to the Pine Hills Youth Correctional Facility in Miles City last week for multiple violations of a burglary sentence.

The boy, who appeared in handcuffs and with his grandmother in the courtroom last Thursday, Nov. 21, admitted to assaulting another student in Park City, failing to attend school and maintaining a 2.25 GPA and failing to follow his grandparents’ rules. The teen also had to be physically removed from his bed when arrested on the violations. Deputies then found vaping items in his room.

He was initially placed on probation 11 months ago for breaking into his grandparent’s garage and stealing alcohol in 2018. He was sent to Pine Hills initially.

Last week, Youth Court Judge Matt Wald cautioned the teen about getting his life together and doing so quickly.

“The point of the Youth Court Act is that you can mess up without messing up your whole life,” said Wald.

The boy will be released when he turns 18 next year. Wald said the sentence acknowledged the teen’s failure to obey court rules and his grandparent’s rules and added that there was no other place to put him.