Kathleen Williams would represent Montana well in congress

Thursday, April 9, 2020

We met Kathleen Williams several times in the years she traveled across counties in Montana. Kathleen is running for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Her vigor, hard work ethic and ability have impressed us.

Kathleen served in the state legislature, and brought her skills to find practical solutions to help every Montanan and those in rural, neighboring states.

She believes quality healthcare should be affordable and available to all Americans. She learned about what people struggle with going through a healthcare crisis as she took care of her mother from age 11 and was a caregiver for eight years until her mother passed away.

Kathleen believes Congress needs to work together to fix the expensive and disconnected healthcare system we have in America. She worked to pass legislation that stopped insurance companies from denying routine care to cancer patients. That bill is saving lives after four years of work.

This energetic woman also fights for the Montana way of life. She is a rural woman, a fisher and hunter who values outdoor opportunities. Kathleen worked hard to ensure public lands remain accessible to the public. We need her problem solving ability and her skill at forging diverse coalitions to get things done.

We wish Kathleen the best as she campaigns through the challenges we face as a nation.

Tom & Jean Forseth