Kem best choice for sheriff/coroner

Thursday, May 24, 2018

We are fully supporting Charles “Chip” Kem to be the next sheriff/coroner for Stillwater County.

As the sheriff and former sheriff of Stillwater County, we understand the magnitude of the duties and responsibilities that the elected sheriff must face. The person that you put in this office sets the tone for law enforcement throughout the county. It is this person that has the roll of “Peace Keeper” in our communities.

The office of sheriff/coroner is much more than just a law enforcement agency. The duties and responsibilities are diverse, complex and important to the health of any community.

Chip Kem has demonstrated over the years that he is prepared to face these many duties. In preparation for this office, he has given his own time and money in some cases to work towards this goal. He has prepared for this challenge for this for many years.

Chip Kem has proven that he can lead and manage not only a law enforcement agency, but that he can also fulfill all of the other important duties. Some of those duties are: Search and Rescue; emergency 9-1-1 center administrator; civil process; Security during an active shooter; evacuations during emergencies; coroner inquiries; and the detention of prisoners.

We have observed many great law enforcement officers over the years. Only a few in our opinion possess the qualities it takes to meet the demands and requirements that they will face when managing an office that is as complex and diverse as this office. Public safety is a very important part of our communities and we take that very seriously. It is our belief that Charles “Chip” Kem is clearly the best choice to lead Stillwater County public safety into the future.

-Gregory Noose,

Former Stillwater County sheriff/coroner

-Clifford Brophy

Current Stillwater County sheriff/coroner