Kidnapper draws 15-year DOC sentence for probation violations

Marlo Pronovost

DOC photo
            Andrew M. Foster

Convicted kidnapper Andrew M. Foster may have gotten the deal of the century when he received a deferred sentence for the crime, but his good fortune didn’t last long.

Within a few months of getting a 3-year deferred sentence in October 2017, Foster went on the run, failing to stay in contact with his probation officer and failing to charge his GPS unit. At that time, the Stillwater County Attorney’s Office filed notice to revoke the deferred sentence based on probation violations.

Foster was already facing a felony bail jumping charge incurred when he went on the lam after pleading guilty to kidnapping but before being sentenced.

Last week, Foster was brought back before 22nd Judicial District Judge Blair Jones on both matters. Jones followed the recommendations of prosecutors and Montana Department of Corrections Probation/Parole Officer Joe Dompier, imposing a total sentence of 15-years to DOC with 10 years suspended.

Dompier told Jones he viewed Foster’s actions after being initially sentenced as “having no respect for the first sentence.”

“I’ve really grown up since being in jail,” Foster told Jones.

Cited as reasons for the sentence by Jones were holding Foster accountable for his conduct and community safety through Foster’s supervision.


In April 2017, Foster took command of his ex-girlfriend’s vehicle and held the woman and the couple’s infant in the locked vehicle against their will by engaging the child safety locks in the back doors. Both of the front doors were broken and could not be opened from the inside, according to court documents.

Foster committed the PFMA when he physically restrained the victim using violent force as she was attempting to escape, according to court documents.

The victim told police she had seen Foster riding his bike in downtown Billings and agreed to give him a ride to his mother’s home. She said Foster asked her for a hug and when she refused, he forced his way back into the vehicle, took her keys and cell phone and told her “that he was kidnapping her and their daughter and taking them to Mexico because there are no laws in Mexico,” according to court documents.

The victim said she made a sign that read “HELP — CALL 911” but that Foster saw it and threw it — along with her phone — out the window. She finally grabbed the steering wheel, causing Foster to drive off I-90 due to a flat tire near the Park City area.