Letter to the editor

Republicans are wrong about President Trump
Thursday, July 12, 2018

My Republican friends tell me about the good things President Trump has done, like: low unemployment and a robust economy (for the wealthy).

From what I have witnessed, Trump has done more harm than good.

Even before he was elected, he proved his ethical ineptitude by badmouthing a national war hero (John McCain), and by publicly encouraging the Russians to hack his opponent’s emails.

His obvious objective of one-man rule began with his lone rejection of the Paris Climate Accord, firing the FBI director, his challenge to traditional authority, racial and religious bigotry and last but not least, his slander of the press.

All these recalcitrant actions are more than a faux pas, they are a threat to our traditional democracy as we know it.

“He has shunned and denigrated America’s traditional allies and cozied up to America’s traditional enemies, in one of the most bewildering presidential postures the country may ever have seen!” (From Charles M. Blow’s article, “Trump remakes America,” appearing Wednesday, June 27, 2018, in the New York Times.)

The last statement in my book says, “I am proud to have served a country that believes in Justice for all!” Maybe I should change “believes” to “believed.”

Lynn Leroy Arney