Sen. Warren's ad on suicide troubling

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Sen. Warren’s veteran

suicide ad troubling

As an United States Army veteran who has deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan during each respective “surge” operation, I was disappointed to see Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s use of veteran suicide as a political advertisement for her presidential campaign in a November Twitter post (

If Warren has a plan to cut veteran suicide in half, she should introduce it as a bill now instead of using this epidemic to help get her elected president.

The VA says there are more than 6,000 veteran suicides each year, which has included Montana veterans, and it seems Elizabeth Warren is willing to accept 6,000 more if we wait for her to win the presidential election IF she takes office in January 2021.

Will she do nothing if she is not elected?

Veterans are often used as political bargaining chips, and this seems to be the case now. Veteran suicides should not be used in a political campaign by current congressional members, or in any election for that matter.

These veterans have already given to their country and the scars of service have contributed to their deaths. It’s already a very difficult situation for families and friends left behind.

Senator Warren, these veterans are more than statistics, please don’t use them as pawns for your political ambitions.

If you have solutions to veteran suicide, let’s see a bill introduced before the end of this congressional session.

Jason Stadel

U.S. Army 2003-present