Letters to the Editor

2018 Lincoln Reagan dinner a rousing success

I would like to thank everyone who made the Stillwater Republican Central Committee’s 2018 Lincoln-Reagan Dinner, held on April 21 at Anipro Arena, a rousing success.

The Stillwater Republican Women provided outstanding support for silent and live auctions, decorations and kitchen crew. We could not have done it without you ladies.

Students from Absarokee and Columbus assisted with the heavy work of set up and clean up.

In order to emphasize the philosophy that elected officials serve the people who elected them, there were 16 candidates present serving our guests, including competitors for local, state and national office.

They served the meal, helped with the auction and did any other jobs necessary to make this event a winner. They also visited individually with as many of our attendees as they could to get their messages out.

Finally, I am grateful and humbled to live and be involved in such a supportive community. We had an outstanding turnout and your generosity is a blessing. So stay tuned for next year’s event, which will be a great celebration of the election of a new Republican Senator!

Fiona Nave

Stillwater Republican Central Committee Chairman.


BLM’s methane waste prevention program needed

As Jessica Sena, the communications consultant for the Montana Petroleum Association, pointed out in her opinion “Methane Rule Overreaches in Montana,” rules always come with consequences.

She was writing in favor of Secretary Zinke trying to rollback the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) 2016 methane waste prevention protections, which are sorely needed. The 2016 rule is spurring good paying jobs, innovation, and helping to ensure better air quality, which protects our health.

A 2014 report by Datu Research found that the emerging methane mitigation sector now comprises jobs in over 500 locations, across 46 states. More than half of those companies are small businesses, and the median hourly wage for jobs in the methane mitigation industry is $30.88 — about 20 percent higher than today’s national median wage.

Oil and gas companies waste more than $330 million worth of natural gas on federal and tribal lands annually that could be used to heat homes, power vehicles, or generate electricity. In fact, enough natural gas is being wasted to supply heat to a city the size of Chicago for a year. Why would Zinke want to rescind all this progress and cause the demise of the new methane mitigation sector in favor of putting more money back into big companies ‘doing things wrong’? Why does Ms. Sena and the Montana Petroleum Association want this kind of consequence? Why does Secretary Zinke? The 2016 Rules are right for the public, the economy, the environment, and our natural resources.

Comments to Secretary Zinke’s proposed rollback closed earlier this week. Let’s hope that he listens to the public and keeps the 2016 BLM Rules intact. It’s the right thing to do!

Lana Sangmeister Nye