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Flying drones in Columbus and Stillwater County
Thursday, July 26, 2018
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Flying drones in Columbus and Stillwater County

The Columbus /Stillwater County Airport Advisory Board has had some residents ask questions about flying drones in our county. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has published two Federal Aviation Regulations, FAR 101, Subpart E, Special Rule for Model Aircraft, and FAR 107, concerning the flying of drones.

FAR 101 addresses drones used for recreational use weighing less than 55 pounds, which includes the $29.99 ones on sale at many stores. FAR 107 concerns drones being used for commercial purposes.

We need to remember that even a drone that is quite small can damage an airplane easily. It is encouraged that anyone operating a recreational drone become familiar with the FAA’s FAR 101, which you can find on Google quite easily (FAR101).

In the case of flying drones within 5 miles in any direction of an airport, specific rules apply because of the danger of hitting a flying airplane that is landing or taking off at airports. Please familiarize yourself with both FAR 101 and FAR 107 before you operate your drone.

-The Columbus / Stillwater County Airport Advisory Board