Letters to the Editor

Stillwater County needs Forcier, not Howard

Stillwater County needs a senator who reflects our values. When David Howard moved here, he brought in divisive, extreme California politics.

His legislative record is a fruitless fight with sanctuary cities. This is a classic Sacramento issue, but here it’s plain out of touch.

If Howard were to engage more with his constituents, he would find that our concerns are quite different from the ones he imported. The candidate meet and greets hosted by Stillwater Rising were graced with thoughtful, approachable, engaged candidates. Howard didn’t bother attending.

Forcier accepted his invite, and since then he’s been going door to door talking to locals individually. He’s available, and follows up when needed. He knows the local mining and ranching communities, and understands the challenges and rewards of family life in rural Montana. He’s an advocate for freedom and community, not division and extremism.

Last year, Scott Sales, Montana state senate president, called me when I raised an issue with him. We spoke for almost an hour. Sales called me back the next day as well, after researching the issue we were discussing. In a decade in Helena, Howard has never once answered my calls or emails.

We deserve better. We deserve local representation. Andrew Forcier would bring back a sense of having a neighbor fight for us in Helena.

Lee Johnson