Letters to the Editor

Nordahl brings experience to county commission
Thursday, May 24, 2018

On June 5, we elect a new commissioner. One candidate has some age, one not so much. Many virtues come with age, one is knowledge, another is experience. My husband Allen has them both.

Al graduated from MSU with a degree in business finance and came home to the ranch his grandfather homesteaded. He became involved in the community helping form the Molt Volunteer Fire Department. He retired after more than 20 years.

During those years, we married and had two sons. In the six miles around us there were seven boys born in seven years. Al, along with Steve and Dave Keating, become EMTs to handle any emergencies since we are almost an hour from town. We joined the PTA when the boys went to Rapelje school.

We became 4-H leaders when the boys joined. The school needed someone to drive the bus for the sports teams, so Al got his CDL license and drove.

In the 1990s, he joined the county weed board and is still serving. Zach went to the Air Force Academy and the Parents Club needed a secretary, Al volunteered. If something needs done, Al has a habit of being the one to take action and do it.

Our boys are 30 and 28. Zach is an Air Force Academy graduate with a civil engineering degree and an MBA, but also he is an F-16 pilot in the 55th Fighter Squadron at Shaw Air Force Base. He has been acquiring experience needed to fly fast, safe, shoot down enemy planes, as well as shooting air to ground missiles.

Zach goes to “Red Flag” in Nevada two to three times a year for war games. The Air Force has discovered if a fighter pilot goes down it is usually in the first 10 missions. The missions at Red Flag are intense, stressful and very realistic to give the pilots experience to get them past those first 10 sorties before they deploy. Zach deploys in October.

Eben has a mine engineer and management degree. He is lead estimator for Kiewit Mining Group. Eb started interning with Kiewit after his freshman year at South Dakota School of Mines. He has learned mining from driving a haul truck, surveying, blasting, reclamation, to budgeting a mine. He has the experience to develop new mine and budget plans and submit bids for new projects in the millions of dollars.

I asked the boys if they thought they could be a county commissioner, and neither thought they had enough experience yet to make decisions for a county of people. Al does. He can make wise decisions with his life’s experiences. I can see Al in the commissioner’s office listening to concerns of folks in our county. Focusing on the important issues we face. Getting people involved.

I hope on June 5 you can see Allen Nordahl as your next commissioner, and will trust in what he has accomplished, has produced, and can do for Stillwater County.

Amber Nordahl