Letters to the Editor

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Editor’s Note

Although last week was the last issue in which letters to the editor supporting political candidates were allowed to run, the News inadvertantly omitted two letters that had been submitted before the appropriate deadline. Those letters are being printed below.

Stillwater County Search and Rescue backs Kem

Stillwater County Search and Rescue is a group of volunteers that has provided service to the citizens of Stillwater County, many neighboring counties and those that recreate in Stillwater County, for close to 40 years. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the support of the sheriff’s office. Over the last several years we have been fortunate to receive the expertise and support from Undersheriff Chip Kem.

Stillwater County SAR would like to show our support for Charles ‘Chip’ Kem for Stillwater County Sheriff. The MCA code 7-32-235 states that Search and Rescue falls under the control of the sheriff. This is of great importance to our organization, the citizens of Stillwater County, and those who recreate in Stillwater County. Chip has proven throughout his years of service with the sheriffs office that he cares deeply about our volunteers and the service we provide. His willingness to respond and his ability to assist have been beneficial on more than one occasion. As the overseer to the county budget, Chip has done a fantastic job of providing us with sound advice and guidance on organizational spending. Chip is not only committed to the citizens of Stillwater County, he has proven he is a true outdoorsman who values everything our county has to offer and protects it wholeheartedly.

-Chad Arnold (SAR president) -Jake Hover (SAR vice president)

-Crystal Arnold (SAR logistics/ communication officer )

On behalf of the members of Search and Rescue

Howard has helped PC

Sen. David Howard has done a great job of representing the people of Stillwater County during his time as our representative and now as senator from our area. He has taken a prominent leadership role with regards to protecting the people of our area from the expensive never-ending string of government regulations.

I serve as President of the Park City Water and Sewer District and with the leadership of Sen. Howard, the people of Park City were saved from a very expensive sewer lagoon project, which would have more than tripled the water rates for the people of Park City.

Sen. Howard was the leading force meeting with officials from DEQ in Helena who wanted to impose the highest possible water restrictions on our water discharge. These restrictions were equal to the standards imposed on swimming pools. He got them to bring the restrictions down to a reasonable animal standard, as animals use the waterway for drinking.

The people of Park City are thankful for Sen. Howard’s leadership with this matter.

Regarding the matter of being from somewhere else, a person does not choose where they were born; they only choose where they live.

A long time ago Sen. Howard chose to live in the Park City area and he has done a spectacular job of representing the people of this area. His stand has always been for pro life, living by the constitution, anti drugs, reducing unreasonable regulations on people, and making sure our freedoms are not infringed upon.

His true record as a conservative has been and will be great for us in Montana.

The same people who claim Sen. Howard does not return phone calls are trying to give the impression he doesn’t care about his constituents.

Nothing could be further from the truth. You have to call first before he can call you back if you have a question or concern. Please vote Sen. David Howard to represent us in Senate District 29.

Myron Gross

Park City

Stillwater Veterans’ Wall dedication thank you

Please allow me the opportunity to express on behalf of myself, my family and the veterans of Stillwater County the deep appreciation I have for being part of the Stillwater County Veterans’ Wall Dedication.

I am so proud of this community, who stood in the drizzling rain on a Saturday morning to celebrate the contribution that veterans from our community have made for the freedom we all enjoy today.

I am proud to be part of the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars and who, along with my father, uncles, grandfather and friends, are part of this truly amazing symbol of military service to our county.

Many thanks are due to the following organizations who made the day extra special. The Color Guard from the Columbus VFW Post led the parade. The Absarokee VFW Honor Guard gave the gun salute. Also, the American Legion Posts from around the state as well as several other VFW Posts, Al Bedoo Shriners, the Sea Cadets and Boy Scouts along with the Marine Corp League made the day special with their presence. Another special thanks to the Columbus Fire Department for hanging the flag over the street, a wonderful sight for those attending.

Finally, this could not have all happened if it was not for Jeanne Harsha, who in 2011 challenged her 2nd grade class to learn more about the veterans and the role they played in keeping our country free. She is truly a person who exemplifies the spirit of freedom. It was a genuine thrill to me to tune into the evening news and see those now 8th graders being interviewed on TV along with Jeanne.

For the past several days I have driven by the wall and seen people walking around the site and looking for names of loved ones and friends who served in the military from our county. I hope over the many years to come that people will seek out Columbus and look for this wall and remember those that have served and are currently members of this outstanding community. God Bless our troops, our veterans and God Bless America.

Larry Tipton

Post Commander Stillwater Post #34, American Legion Department of Montana

Thanks Columbus EMS

On Thursday, May 17, I had severe breathing problems. Columbus Fire and Ambulance responded. They immediately put me at ease and explained everything they were doing. They made a horrible situation better. Thank you Summer and Kevin. You are true Angels.

Ardi Baker

Park City

Take the opportunity to attend Range Days

The Range Resource Committee in Carbon County is again hosting Montana Range Days in Red Lodge on June 18 through 20.

This is an educational and competitive event for young people and adults that has been held at various locations around the state since 1977 — including Stillwater County in 1997 and 1998. As someone who has participated in Range Days many times over the past 41 years, I encourage residents of this area to take the opportunity to attend while it is so close by. Next year, it will be held in a different part of the state. Information about this event, including a video of last year’s activities and registration form, can be found on the Montana Range Days website.

Doug Campbell