Motorcycle pursuit starts in Sweet Grass County, bike found in Columbus

Marlo Pronovost
Thursday, September 13, 2018

A short-lived but high-speed chase from Sweet Grass County ended in Columbus last Monday with the motorcycle being found behind a Columbus business.

At 3:24 p.m., Sweet Grass authorities alerted the Stillwater County Sheriff’s Office dispatch that a blue sports-style motorcycle travelling upwards of 100 mph was headed toward Columbus on I-90.

Due to the speed and the presence of traffic, Sweet Grass County deputies and MHP troopers backed off, out of concerns of causing an accident, according to dispatch records.

A Stillwater County deputy and MHP trooper were advised and reported the motorcyclist entered Columbus to get fuel. Someone reported to the MHP trooper that the motorcyclist then “cut through Columbus and sped down 9th, cutting between cars,” according to dispatch records.

The trooper and deputy found the motorcycle parked behind a Columbus motel, with no one in sight. A routine check revealed the registered owner had a suspended license.


Since May, there have been five high-speed chases that have either started in or passed through Stillwater County. All have involved speeds of 100 mph to 116 mph and the efforts of multiple law enforcement agencies to end.