Not all citizens are in favor of Citizen Initiated Zoning

Thursday, January 16, 2020

I am writing in regards to the “Citizens Initiated Zoning” article in the Jan. 9, 2020 issue of the Stillwater County News.

First off, I would like to make note that not all citizens in this proposed zone map are in favor of it. In fact of the 600 petition signers for zoning, 480 of them are not even registered to vote in Stillwater County.

The majority were cabin owners/summer dwellers from out of the area, therefore those that didn’t sign were drawn into the proposed zone petition even if they hadn’t signed it.

If you think it doesn’t involve you as a Stillwater County resident, you are sadly mistaken. The funding for fighting a counter lawsuit if and when will be shouldered by you, the taxpayer. If any type of zoning does pass, it will be the Stillwater County Taxpayer hiring staff to impose the zoning and supply the offices necessary.

The focus of the zone being on control of oil and gas is interesting to me. At the numerous Planning Board Meetings I attended many professionals currently working in the oilfield industry repeatedly explained the low quality of the oil in the Stillwater Valley would make it not a prospect for development.

What this all comes down to is infringement of property rights. The “Stillwater Citizens for Property Rights” organization was formed by concerned citizens to prevent infringement of our taxpayers property rights. The fact when zoning is let in the front door it can lead to more and more regulations.

From noise decibels, lighting and construction on your property could eventually involve getting a permit. The “SPCR” feels there are enough of these government entities regulating our properties.

Hopefully there can be some type of resolution before the costs keeps rising to prevent zoning.

Shari Ekwortzel