PC schools in dire need levies

Thursday, April 30, 2020

The Park City MT PTA has been providing information to the people of Park City about why the school so badly needs the general school mill levy.

We have posted flyers of information, talked to people, and funded a brochure sent in the mail. You have all received your ballot in the mail and many of you will vote “FOR” the mill levies. We are thankful for your support because our children will reap the benefits of your vote.

Our teens won’t have to share a textbook or the elementary child who needs extra assistance will have the teacher support they need.

But today, as you read this paper, we would like to speak to those people who will vote “AGAINST” or will not even vote.

This general fund mill levy, if passed would be the first successful general fund school mill levy since 2004. Have you adjusted your budget at your house since 2004? Have you talked about how the cost of living has increased? Well, it has for the school also. If you own a house, it will raise your taxes, but it will also fund quality education for all the children in this community. We will maintain teaching staff, students will receive essential support for learning, and new, current textbooks will be purchased. Your vote makes the difference. We need you to vote “FOR” the 320 students who deserve a quality education like you, or your children received years ago.

If as a senior, you are on a fixed income the Property Tax Assistance Program is available. The application form may be found at the MTRevenue. gov webpage or by calling (406) 444-6900. It may be tough to make ends meet .It has been for the school as well since the last request. The community needs both the elementary and high school votes to continue to provide education for the most valuable treasures, our children. Vote “FOR” both general school levies and mail it in or drop it off at Park City Schools by May 5, 2020.

Park City PTA