Rapist sentenced to 20 years in prison

Thursday, February 27, 2020
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Scott Maddox - YCDF photo

Scott Maddox’s victim didn’t appear in person at his sentencing in district court last week, but her voice was heard.​

A recorded statement was played during the hearing, in which the young woman told Judge Matt Wald what kind of impact the crimes Maddox committed against her had done to her life.​

“I’m depressed. I’m anxious...I don’t fee safe at home,” said the victim. “I’m always remembering.”​

She spoke about struggling with being touched by anyone for any reason. Even her boyfriend. She spoke of obsessively scrubbing her skin, trying to get it clean. She spoke of not sleeping.​ And never being able to forget.

So she asked Judge Matt Wald to keep Maddox from victimizing anyone else.​

“I want him in jail,” she said. “No one should ever have to go through this again (at his hands).”​

The judge agreed and imposed a 50-year prison term with all but 20 years suspended for three felony counts of sexual assault and a 20-year prison term for one felony count of sexual intercourse without consent. All four counts will run concurrently, which translates into a 20-year prison term. ​

Wald also imposed a restriction that Maddox will not be eligible for parole until he completes Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the prison’s sexual offender treatment program. The judge made a point to tell Maddox that the likelihood of him being paroled someday is not a guarantee.​

“(Maddox) will never be free from supervision for the rest of his life,” said Wald.​

The sentence was harsher than what Stillwater County Attorney Nancy Rohde and defense attorney Greg Pascrell had recommended in a joint plea agreement — which was a 40-year prison term with 20 years suspended.​Rohde told Wald that the victim had agreed with the plea agreement.

Wald said the reasons for the sentence included punishment for the crime, the impact on the victim’s life and possible rehabilitation.​

Paskell said Maddox, 46, will be 66 before he is done serving the prison term. ​

Under the terms of the plea agreement, three felony charges will be dismissed, which include attempted sexual intercourse without consent, sexual abuse of a child and sexual assault. ​Maddox has been jailed since his February 2019 arrest with bail set at $100,000.​


Maddox admitted to four felony sexual assaults on a child spanning an 8-year time frame.​

Three of the crimes were committed against a child under the age of 16 and one was committed against a child older than age 16.​

The victim reported the alleged abuse to her mother through a video in 2018. The victim’s mother confronted Maddox with the allegations and he initially denied them, according to court documents. ​

When the mother confronted Maddox a second time, “he didn’t deny it,” according to court documents.​

The victim’s mother and another family member did attend the sentencing hearing and softly cried during the playing of the recording.

No one should ever have to go through this again (at his hands).”​

- The victim of Scott Maddox