Reed Point couple gives MSU-Northern more than $15,000 gift to support Class C scholarships

Thursday, December 16, 2021

MSU-Northern is the benefactor of a new gift of more than $15,000 to support Class C student scholarships via new funds named the Jazeb Endowment and Scholarship, thanks to Reed Point residents Bryan and Roberta Hahn.

The gift to the University will fund these scholarships in perpetuity, according to a MSU-Northern press release.

The Hahns made their first visit to campus in late November, which was also the couple’s first trip to Havre. Earlier that month, the couple reached out to the Northern Foundation regarding their intention to make a gift to either Northern or MSU-Billings, according to the press release.

To help them decide, the Hahns wanted to visit the campus to learn more about the programs offered.

“Immediately I understood that their hearts were driven to support students who were pursuing trades. This was something meaningful to them as they both had careers that aligned with the curriculum at Northern,” said Foundation Executive Director Shantel Cronk.

“They were such a nice couple with sincere interest in our programs and our students. They appreciated that we help lift students who come to Northern from lower socio-economic backgrounds to higher socio-economic backgrounds,” said Chancellor Greg Kegel, who met the Hahns on the day they visited campus.

According to the press release, because of the size of their own community, the Hahn’s decided to create an endowment that will fund a scholarship for students from Class C high schools and studying trades.

Currently Montana has 103 public Class C high schools.

As members of the Christian Motorcyclist Association, the Hahns chose to call the endowment and scholarship after a biblical figure in the book of Chronicles 4:9-10.

“Our desire is for young men and women to be given an opportunity to gain a skill for their hands, knowledge in their heads. Their hard work, and application of these skills and knowledge, will help them to expand their borders for their families and their future,” said the Hahns in the press release.

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