Reed Point to house elementary students in modular unit

Mikaela Koski
Thursday, October 18, 2018

Soon, the Reed Point elementary classes will have a place to call their own.

Since the beginning of the current school year, elementary students have had to attend classes in Reed Point’s high school facility due to bat and termite infestations in the old elementary school building.

Discussion on where to house the elementary school classes has been ongoing – should the district build a new school, renovate the old building, or take a different route?

At the September board meeting, the Board of Trustees decided to purchase a modular unit that will contain five classrooms, according to Reed Point Superintendent Heather Jarrett.

“The building will be placed just to the south of the high school between it and the steel building,” Jarrett explained.

In the October school newsletter, Jarrett wrote that, “while we had been hopeful for a newly constructed elementary, we did not feel the pricetag of that was in the best interest for many of our taxpayers,” leading to the board’s decision to go with the modular unit.

“We are able to pay for this building using the gracious donation from Pattern Development and with funds we were able to save from both the elementary and the high school for the past five years,” the newsletter explains.

Jarrett said the goal is “to have students in the building prior to or following the winter break.”

The school has opened the bidding process to local contractors for the site’s preparation, including cement work.