LETTER: Road clean-up rewarding

Thursday, November 17, 2022

A couple weeks ago an Absarokee resident wrote a Letter-to-the-Editor about ugly road trash. One of her suggestions to address the trash was for groups and/or citizens to Adopt-A-Highway, which is a Department of Transportation program.

I’m a member of Stillwater Protective Association (SPA) and along with other members, we saw the need to clean up Nye Road a couple of years ago and volunteered to clean two miles between Fishtail and Nye.

It’s turned out to be a rewarding experience for us. It is a great way to feel like you are making a positive impact on your community, and it provides good exercise in the out-of-doors. Volunteers must commit to picking up trash twice in a calendar year. We do our pickup in the spring and fall and have found that it gets easier after the first few times as trash isn’t left to accumulate so long.

Because we feel it is a worthwhile undertaking and we can see the rewards of our efforts, we are now doing 3 miles, twice a year. I encourage anyone or group that might enjoy this kind of community effort and benefit to consider adopting other stretches of highways in the County. It does make a difference.

Lana Sangmeister, Nye