Rosebud Remedies promises to run a professional, safe business

Marlo Pronovost
Thursday, October 11, 2018

Thomas Carroll wants Columbus residents to know that there is nothing to be concerned about by the pending opening of his medical marijuana business, Rosebud Remedies.

Set to open in the old Stageline Pizza shop on East Sixth Avenue in the next several days, Carroll said earlier this week that the dispensary should not be cause for concern for a set of very specific reasons.

Security. State regulations. His 10 years of experience in the industry. And his desire to run a professional business in the city in which he grew up, while being as transparent as possible.

“There is no room for error,” said Carroll earlier this week.

The dispensary, located next to Subway and adjacent to the Granite Peak Sports Complex, will be outfitted with security cameras. The entry will be locked, with medical marijuana cardholders being able to gain access with their security cards.

Everyone else will have to press a buzzer, which will bring an employee to the entry. For those without cards, and who are considered potential cardholders, an employee will question and then escort them to a waiting room, said Carroll.

From that point, the potential patient will work with an employee to determine if they have a qualifying medical condition and to set up a doctor appointment. Carroll said his business uses doctors from the Billings Alternative Wellness Clinic.

Before the medical marijuana law was tightened up in 2016, Carroll said it was not uncommon for patients to see doctors via Skype. He also said that back then, almost everyone was granted a card.

That has changed, with the laws being much tighter now.

“This is what we wanted,” said Carroll, citing his support for the more stringent process.

All products leaves the dispensary in solid-colored bags that contain bar codes for purposes of tracking, as well as a list of ingredients. Packaging is also childproof and cuts down on the odor of marijuana in the store, although Carroll said there is a faint smell at the front of the store.

He is not allowing “consumption on site” or any loitering at or near the business, and has a strict policy for dealing with garbage.

You must be at least 18 to enter the dispensary, and juveniles are allowed in with a parent. Rosebud Remedies currently has approximately 190 patients from Stillwater, Carbon and Yellowstone counties. The average patient age is 58, said Carroll. He also has patients under the age of 12 who suffer from seizures.

Carroll employs two full-time and two part-time employees, and will soon be adding another three staff members.

Carroll has been in the medical marijuana business for a decade, having first started in Absarokee, moving to Washington for five years and then back to Absarokee for the past two. He decided to move shop to Columbus as “it is more of a hub,” with close proximity to the interstate.


From the Montana Department of Health and Human Services Medical Marijuana Division

PATIENT NUMBERS (as of July 2018)

•Current Enrollments: 26,549

•Pending Enrollments: 2,637

•Patients with No Provider: 3,536


•Providers Associated with Patients with Current Enrollments: 420

•Physicians Associated with Patients with Current Enrollments: 218 (total number of

•physicians in the state is 2,160, as of 2016)

IN STILLWATER AND AROUND THE STATE (numbers 2 through five are counties of similar population compared to Stillwater)

•Stillwater County: 167 patients/ 6 providers

•Carbon County: 240 patients / 9 providers

•Beaverhead County: 304 patients / 3 providers

•Dawson County: 138 patients / 0 providers

•Park County: 852 patients / 18 providers

•Gallatin County: 4,529 patients / 103 providers

•Yellowstone County: 3,396 patients / 39 providers

•Missoula County: 3,138 patients / 39 providers


•Ages 1 to 17: 48

•Ages 18 to 20: 852

•Ages 21 to 30: 5,043

•Ages 31 to 40: 5,659

•Ages 41 to 50: 4,273

•Ages 51 to 60: 4,835

•Ages 61 to 70: 4,536

•Ages 71 to 80: 1,103

•Ages 81 to 90: 187

•Age 91 and up: 22


•Admittance into hospice care: 26

•Cachexia or Wasting Syndrome: 612

•Cancer, glaucoma or HIV (AIDS): 1,878

•Central Nervous System Disorder Resulting in Chronic, painful, spasticity or muscle spasms: 2,174

•Crohn’s Disease: 339

•Epilepsy or an intractable seizure disorder: 739

•Intractable nausea or vomiting: 1,979

•Multiple Sclerosis: 320

•Painful peripheral neuropathy: 3,344

•Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: 3,604

•Severe chronic pain: 20,078