Thursday, June 23, 2022

I love walking along the shore at Canon Beach during their Sand Castle Contest.

Quick, temporary works of art. Creativity, skill, and the perfect mixture of water and sand.

Sand castles. Working during low tide, one designs and builds an elaborate castle. Vision and know-how goes into the creating; yet, as one builds, they know from the get go, high tide will come and the waves will take the edifice back into the beach, leveling their creation. Removing all signs of their ever having been on the shore.

There is a season for everything. Here today. Gone tomorrow. All is temporary. Life is a mix of joy and sorrow, have and have not, war and peace, sun and snow, high water and drought, accomplishment and failure, laughter and tears.

Why spend the time and energy to build what you know will disappear in a few hours? Snap a picture – hold a memory before it is washed away with the waves. Waves are going to come in, take over, take away, destroy the castle and return the sand to the beach from which it came.

What do we take from this? We know time flies, the waves come in and go out. Many stake their business or their pleasure around predictable tides. So it is with life. There are knowns we base our life and livelihood upon. There are unknowns which take away our plans, our possessions our accomplishments. One can have faith and know it is not all for naught. We have been gifted to create, to work, to live and love.

We DO have worth and purpose. We may lose what we made or gathered, we may fail before we win. No ball player hits every ball, makes every basket, or every mad dash to the goalpost. But we keep trying and trying again. We can’t give up – we need to keep pursuing what God has set before us – whatever that is for you.

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”(Heb 13:8) God is from eternity, never wavering, unable to be washed away with a wave, a wind, or a kick. As we look back at the sandcastles we’ve built in our lives, we see God was there.

God is with us today and will remain with us tomorrow. God will guide us to rebuild after we have lost – a lost job, a lost loved one, possessions, our way, our confidence, or even our faith. The journey, the building, the finished product is worth it all.

It is the believing, it is the doing which keeps us moving forward in life. It is faith in the love of God, in the teachings of Jesus the Christ, in the ever present Holy Spirit which keeps us stepping out - against all odds.

While knowing nothing is forever, faith helps us to continue, makes us not give up, but try again when we fail. It is faith which allows us - to design a new castle for next year’s competition.