LETTER: SAR makes a difference in the lives of many in dark times

Thursday, November 17, 2022

During the upcoming season of family togetherness and gratitude, I would like to thank the volunteers of the Stillwater County Search and Rescue organization.

October 18 marked 5 years since my son, Chase Shott, lost his life while hiking in the Beartooth Mountains near Mystic Lake. He was recovered by the SAR during a harrowing 6-hour, nighttime mission.

Since most of us never need the services of the SAR, we don’t realize the dedication, training, equipment and caring needed for their rescue and recovery missions.

My son lost his life, but I am thankful every day for the Stillwater County Search and Rescue members who allowed me to bring him back home.

Please consider, when making your donations this year, that the SAR will always be grateful for any help in making purchases that may someday aid in the rescue or recovery of you or your loved one.

-Kathy Shott, Roscoe, Ill.