Doreen Stockdale
Thursday, October 31, 2019
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Photo by Bud Chenault
            Absarokee’s Kennedy Ekwortzel powers the ball over the net. See the photo gallery for more images.


The Absarokee Lady Huskies turned the tide on last week’s slide with a decisive three-set conference win against the Belfry Lady Bats.

The first set was almost a shut out with the Huskies holding the Bats to a single point. The set scores were 1-25, 12-25, 9-25.

Senior Kaiya Holmquist led the Huskies with 10 assists and 11 aces.

On Saturday, Oct. 26, the Huskies fell in four sets against the hard-hitting Roberts Lady Rockets.

Senior Kiaya Holmquist had 12 assists and four aces for the Huskies.

STATS ABSAROKEE def. BELFRY 25-10, 25-18, 25-10

BELFRY No stats reported ABSAROKEE Kills: 12 (Keara Young 5) Assists: 10  (Kaiya Holmquist 10) Digs: 43 (Morgan Meier 10) Blocks: 0; Aces: 25 (Kaiya Holmquist 11)

ROBERTS def. ABSAROKEE 19-25, 25-21, 15-25, 20-25

ABSAROKEE Kills: 21 (Breezy Williams 7) Assists: 13 (Kaiya Holmquist

12) Digs: 41 (Keara Young 8) Blocks: 1 (Paige Steffenson) Aces: 10 (Kaiya Holmquist 4) ROBERTS Kills: 34 (Kimberly Bear 14) Assists: 26 (Bentley Bertolino

26) Digs: 35 (Bentley Bertolino 10) Blocks: 5 (Kimberly Bear 2) Aces: 13 (Kimberly Bear 5)



The Columbus Lady Cougars fought hard against the Bridger Lady Scouts in the final home game on Tuesday, Oct.22, in a failed effort.

The Cougars were unable to overcome the hard-hitting Scouts, falling in three sets: 25-16, 25-13, 25-6.

Junior Reed Johnson had seven assists and one ace and junior Brooklyn Wyllie had five kills and one ace.

The Cougars conquered the Red Lodge Lady Rams on Wednesday, Oct. 24 in a significant point-for-point conference match-up.

Columbus battled for the win, with only a two-point difference in each of the sets. The Cougars defeated the Rams in three sets: 26-24, 25-23, 25-23.

Johnson stood out again for the Cougars with six kills, 13 assists and one block, while Wyllie had five kills and one ace.

The Cougars fought hard but were unable to overcome the Colstrip Lady Fillies and lost in four sets on Saturday, Oct. 26.

Senior Brenna Rouane ended the night with five kills, 22 digs and five blocks. Wyllie added 17 digs and 10 kills.

“This week was a good challenge for the girls, and they really showed they are ready for tournaments.” Cougar Coach Lindsey Cross said.

STATS BRIDGER def. COLUMBUS 25-16, 25-13, 25-6

BRIDGER Kills: 32 (Jenna Kallevig 11) Assists: 29 (Emily Adkins 12, Sami Fusco 10) Digs: 30 (Kyra Kroll 16) Blocks: 4; Aces: 5  (Emily Adkins 2) COLUMBUS Kills: 13 (Brooklyn Wyllie 5) Assists: 12  (Reed Johnson 7) Digs: 42 (Trista Teeter 8, Madi Ludwig 7) Blocks: 3 (RaiLeigh Strommen 2) Aces: 3  (Reed Johnson 1, Kodi Obert 1, Brooklyn Wyllie 1)

COLUMBUS def. RED LODGE 26-24, 25-23, 25-23

COLUMBUS Kills: 35 (Brooklyn Wyllie 14, Reed Johnson 6) Assists: 31  (Kodi Obert 14, Reed Johnson 13) Digs: 77 (Brenna Rouane 20, Payton West 15) Blocks: 5 (RaiLeigh Strom-men 2.5, Reed Johnson 1) Aces: 9  (Brenna Rouane 3, Kodi Obert 2, Brooklyn Wyllie 2) RED LODGE Kills: 16 (Isabelle Sager 4, Trinity Frank 4) Assists: 14 (Bailey Binando 12) Digs: 65 (Macylyn Lauritzen 23) Blocks: 4 (Isabelle Sager 1.5, Kitrie Frank 1) Aces: 6  (Zoe Avent 2, Macylyn Lauritzen 2)

COLSTRIP def. COLUMBUS 15-25, 29-27, 12-25, 22-25

COLUMBUS Kills: 22 (Brooklyn Wyllie 10, Brenna Rouane 5) Assists: 14 (Reed Johnson 9, Kodi Obert 5) Digs: 74 (Brenna Rouane 22, Brooklyn Wyllie 17) Blocks: 8 (Brenna Rouane 5) Aces: 9 (Reed Johnson 3, Kodi Obert 3) COLSTRIP Kills: 36 (Kya Egan 8, Maleeya KnowsHisGun 8, Addie Casterline 8) Assists: 29 (Abby Baer 15, Kya Egan 14) Digs: 53 (Addie Pontius 13, Kya Egan 10) Blocks: 12 (Addie Casterline 6, Abby Baer 4) Aces: 19 (Kya Egan 6, Bridgette Verlanic 4)


The Park City Lady Panthers hit the road for a hard-fought conference match against the Custer-Hysham Lady Rebels, which ended in defeat.

The Rebels took the first two sets after back-and-forth leads. The Panthers came back in the third set, extending the match. Custer-Hysham was able to win the tied fourth set. Park City fell in four sets: 15-25, 19-25, 25-21, 25-27.

“Although we did not take home a victory, I felt the girls proved to themselves what kind of play they were capable of,” Panther Coach Shona Verke said.  “They played aggressive and hustled after every ball.”

Junior Makalya Harper finished the match with 10 kills and two aces. Sophomore Jaden Boardman had six assists and three aces.

STATS CUSTER-HYSHAM def. PARK CITY 15-25, 19-25, 25-21, 25-27

PARK CITY Kills: 22 (Makalya Harper 10) Assists: 16  (Jaden Board-man 6, Alexis Goldy 6) Digs: 85 (Hayley Story 27) Blocks: 0; Aces: 10  (Jaden Boardman 3, Makalya Harper 2) CUSTER-HYSHAM Kills: 32 (Annie Schneider 7) Assists: 19  (Brookln Ragland

14) Digs: 46 (Hannah Yochum 12) Blocks: 15 (Abigail Schmidt 8) Aces: 10  (Hannah Yochum 4)



For the final match-up of the regular season, the RPR Lady Renegades worked together to beat the Park City Lady Panthers in straight sets on the road.

The Renegades defeated the Panthers in three sets and improved its record going into the post-season. The set scores were 25-22, 25-20, 25-11.

“Saturday night was senior night, honoring our seniors Hayley Story and Alexis Goldy,” Panther Coach Shona Verke said.  “I will miss Hayley’s quiet leadership and sense of humor and Alexis’s enthusiasm for the game.  They are amazing young ladies, and I feel very fortunate to have been a part of their senior season.”

RPR senior Carlee Blodgett led the Renegades with 18 kills, six digs, 10 blocks and three aces.

Park City Junior Makayla Harper had 10 kills and one block and teammate junior Jaden Boardman had nine assists and one block for the Panthers.

Both teams will be playing the post-season tournament at Absarokee High School on Thursday, Oct. 31. RPR is matched against the Absarokee Huskies at 1:00 PM. Park City will play Custer/Hysham at 4:00 PM

REED POINT-RAPELJE def. PARK CITY 25-22, 25-20, 25-11

REED POINT-RAPELJE Kills: 22 (Carlee Blodgett 18) Assists: 22 (Abby Schladweiler 10, Kylee Bryant 10) Digs: 21 (Kassidee Humphreys 7, Carlee Blodgett 6) Blocks: 11 (Carlee Blodgett 9) Aces: 10 (Carlee Blodgett 3) PARK CITY Kills: 18 (Makayla Harper 10) Assists: 13 (Jaden Boardman

9) Digs: 65 (Hayley Story 24) Blocks: 2 (Makayla Harper 1, Jaden Boardman 1) Aces: 2 (Alexis Goldy 1, Kendyll Story 1)