Wald, Howard, Gianforte take Stillwater and state elections

Columbus school bonds pass, state ballot initiatives fail
Marlo Pronovost
Thursday, November 8, 2018

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22nd Judicial District Judge-elect Matt Wald

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State Senate District 29 Sen. Dave Howard, R

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U.S. Representative Greg Gianforte, R

*Editor’s Note: All results are unofficial and from the Montana Secretary of State’s Office

Stillwater County voters gave the Columbus School Dstrict the green light for badly needed expansion projects with the passage of two bond issues on the general election ballot Tuesday.

Voters also selected Hardin resident Matt Wald as the next 22nd Judicial District Judge.

Incumbent state Sen. Dave Howard (R – Park City), was reelected with a resounding 67 percent victory margin over Democratic challenger Betsy Scanlin.

Both the judge and the Senate District 29 races were determined by voters from three counties.

Stillwater County also was lock-in-step with the rest of the state in sending incumbent Republican Greg Gianforte back to the United States House of Representatives.

The national senate race was not decided until early Wednesday afternoon, with Tester finally claiming victory with a 50 percent win over Republican challenger Matt Rosen-dale.

Voter turnout for Stillwater County was 76 percent, while statewide it was 67 percent.