We are changing, and it might be for the good

Thursday, April 9, 2020
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Pastor Tonia Fisher Courtesy photo

Our thoughts are largely the same.

I want to go out for dinner.

I want to go shopping.

I want to go to work.

I want to go to school.

I want out of this house.

Can anything good come from this?

We are sheltered in place. A virus is running rampant. News is dismal. The economy is in the tank. The medical community is understaffed, overworked, operating without enough provisions.

I can’t even go to church.

By the way, where is God in this?

We are living in a pandemic. More than a million people are infected, thousands are dying, the numbers are higher every time we check. Hospitals and clinics, as hard as they try, cannot keep up.

Businesses are closing, people are working from home, the grocery shelves empty quickly. Some people are panicked, some are angry, some frozen in fear. Medical researchers are working around the clock on a cure and a preventative vaccine. Economists, bankers and business owners are working tirelessly to hold our financial system together. Advisors assist us through the up days and down days.

The government is working so our country can weather this storm and come through this stronger. Women are going without bi-weekly manicures. There are going to be a lot of ugly fingernails out there in a few weeks.

Yet CEO’s are donating millions. Companies are repurposing their workforces and factories. Instead of making seatbelts, they are making face masks and other personal protective equipment. They have switched from building V-8s to ventilators. A restaurant, instead of laying off all of the employees, is continuing to cook — to feed the homeless.

These days bring out the worst and the best of humanity. We care for others, working together to do what needs to be done now. A shout out to our senior center and to Project Hope which continue to feed the hungry.

Apartment dwellers are gathering for cocktails — each sitting in their own doorway — a good 6-feet apart from each other. They are sharing, crying and laughing. Families are visiting their elders through windows. Churches are finding innovative ways to be church. Recording services. Calling each other to offer support and fellowship. Face-Time coffee breaks. Zoom meetings.

We are not alone — with modern technology we spread news — good and bad. We stay informed and in touch. Necessity is the mother of invention — dollars to donuts, new technology will come from this shelter in place, quarantine, isolation we’re currently living in.

Memories are being made. Families are being reintroduced to table games. They are eating together. They are going to church together. It’s at the dining room table and they’re in their pajamas, but they’re going. People are stepping up to share their gifts. Books are being read. People are learning how to be creative and crafty. There are stars in the house, as entertainers are recorded in their homes to entertain us in our homes.

People are putting their lives on the line. In this battle, the front line is increasing. People are doing more than we can imagine to save lives, to keep the shelves stocked at our IGA, to keep law and order, to protect others, to encourage, to support, to be good neighbors.

We are each doing what we were created to do and the Creator is giving us the wisdom and strength to accomplish what we must.

God is here to give us hope. God comes along beside us and gives us strength. God offers peace. God will never leave us alone. This is a time to turn from fear and allow God to increase our faith.

Yes, things are bad, bound to get worse. Yes, we’ll all loose something or someone. Yes, things will be different when this is over — but it will be over.

We can’t deny what is happening, but we can work to become stronger, smarter, and more resilient. Let us listen to the words of wisdom telling us to put a halt to this disease. Don’t catch it and don’t transmit it — stay home. If you have to go out — wear a mask, wash your hands.

God walks with us and calls us to be the best we can be. This is how we will weather this storm.

We will get through this — together.