Welcome rocks, MRL station and library in Park City among county business

Thursday, March 12, 2020

The following matters were disucssed at the Stillwater County Commission’s traveling meeting held in Park City on March 3:


Myron Gross asked for clarification about the Welcome Rocks project for the towns within the county after reading the front-page story in the News. Commissioner Tyrel Hamilton said that the rock project has not been dropped; however, the new economic development coordinator will analyze where best to use the funds within the tourism and economic development account. Gross asked that the project not be abandoned. Maureen Davy said that she feels the rocks are important and is disappointed that the commissioners are not moving forward with the project in a timely manner.


One attendee who lives near the new Montana Rail Link (MRL) petroleum transfer facility and asked if the county is monitoring the traffic control and the lighting of the site. She said that MRL brought in more tracks and is wondering if they are expanding the facility. Hamilton said that the facility is MRL property and while the county can ask what is going on, they have no zoning, ordinances or regulations in place that would allow the county to tell MRL what they can and cannot do at its facility.


Carol Henckel said that with the library being 90 years old, they are looking for a way for the school, the library and the people of the town can win. Henckel said people want to preserve one of the last few remaining remnants of the history of the town and keep it open to the community.

Park City School Superintendent Dan Grabowski said that the building is owned by the school district. However, the library has been closed to the public for the last four years, after the building lost any access to water. The building is currently for sale for $120,000.


Grabowski asked about the sidewalks that cross the railroad tracks. He said that he contacted the county about safety of the kids that go across the tracks.

Commissioner Hamilton explained that the county is working with the railway to rebuild the sidewalks on the west side of Clark Street from just south of the tracks to Highway 10. It will have an ADA ramp on the northside of the tracks. The engineering work has been completed and construction should be started in the spring.

Grabowski asked if a bike path would be included in the project. Hamilton said that it was not; however, he will talk with the new economic development coordinator about a Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks grant program for community trail systems for the entire county.

Davy asked who would be responsible for snow removal on the new sidewalks. Hamilton said that they will be looking into a maintenance agreement with the state.