Woman arrested for alleged back-to-back DUIs, remains jailed

Marlo Pronovost
Thursday, April 4, 2019

A woman who was arrested for allegedly driving drunk twice in two days has denied the charges and remains in jail with bond set at $10,000.

Kristine Ralee Cloud, 44, appeared in district court recently on two felony charges of DUI (fourth or subsequent offense) with alternative charges on each count of misdemeanor DUI.

Stillwater County Attorney Nancy Rohde said Cloud has five pending DUI charges against her and one DUI conviction, dating back to September 2018. Rohde requested bond be set at $10,000 in light of the number of charges, as well as her contact with local law enforcement in January, which Rohde called “quite horrendous.”

Defense attorney Greg Paskell requested a $4,000 bond to run concurrent with bond amounts from other counties, saying Cloud has young children and is “not a problem” unless she is driving.

District Judge Matt Wald quickly set bond at $10,000.

“I’m not sure your good intentions are enough to protect the community,” Wald told Cloud.

If Cloud does post bond, she must wear some type of alcohol monitoring device.

Cloud’s DUI arrests since September 2018 are as follows, according to court documents:

-Sept. 5, 2018: Convicted of DUI in Laurel.

-Sept. 20, 2018: Charged with a second offense DUI in Laurel, which is pending.

-Oct. 5, 2018: Charged with a second offense DUI in Carbon County, which is pending.

-Nov. 18, 2018: Charged with aggravated DUI in Billings, which is pending.

-Jan. 24, 2019: Charged with DUI in Columbus, now charged as a felony.

-Jan. 25, 2019: Charged with DUI in Stillwater County, now charged as a felony.


Cloud was arrested on Jan. 24 at the Columbus Town Pump when Columbus Police Officer Luke Bruursema found her slumped over the steering wheel of her car and summoned medical help, according to court documents.

When the officer approached Cloud’s vehicle, she suddenly sat up and told him she had been sleeping. He noticed an “overpowering” odor of alcohol coming from the car. Bruursema learned that Cloud’s driver’s license was suspended. Cloud said someone had dropped her off with the car, but she would not offer specific names or say where she had come from, according to court documents.

As the officer continued to question her, Cloud became argumentative, saying she wasn’t operating a vehicle. The car was turned on and the engine was running, according to court documents.

Cloud refused to get out of her car and continued to argue with the officer, saying she knew “she is not okay to drive,” according to court documents. Cloud eventually did get out of the car and was handcuffed. At that point, Cloud became more belligerent and continued to be so at the sheriff’s office, continually screaming and berating the officers and shouting during the investigation, according to court documents.

Cloud refused to provide a breath sample, so a warrant for a blood test was acquired. She was taken to the Yellowstone County Detention Facility, and then to a hospital in Billings, where a blood sample was eventually taken. That test showed a .112 BAC.

The following day, Jan. 25, Cloud was stopped on I-90 on a report of a possible drunk driver. MHP Trooper Brett Reisinger and two deputies responded and found Cloud at mile marker 400. Trooper Reisinger noted that Cloud was combative, would not follow commands and was not wearing her seatbelt, according to court documents. The trooper could also smell alcohol coming from the vehicle and noted that Cloud had a “blank, dazed expression” with bloodshot, watery eyes. She also “used profanity constantly,” according to court documents.

Cloud refused to get out of her vehicle and had to be physically removed by law enforcement. She was too “combative and uncooperative” for law enforcement to perform field sobriety movements and continued to “scream and use profane language and exhibit extreme mood swings,” according to court documents.

Trooper Reisinger saw an open box of wine on the passenger floorboard. At that point, she agreed to try some field sobriety tests, which indicated she was intoxicated. Cloud refused to provide a breath sample, but a warrant was obtained for a blood alcohol test. That test showed a BAC of .148, according to court documents.