Rallying around 10-year-old Columbus boy fighting cancer

Marlo Pronovost
Thursday, November 1, 2018

Courtesy photo

The Gairrett family

Beartooth Beanery Facebook page

These heart-shaped stickers bearing Kolemen’s initials will be on every drink Friday.

Photo courtesy of Marlene Deis

One of several baskets created by the Columbus Elementary School teachers to be raffled off at a fundraiser for the Gairrett family.

Photo courtesy of Marlene Deis

The idea of a 10-year-old fighting cancer is tough to take.

For Columbus boy Kolemen Gairrett, the community is making sure he and his family don’t have to walk down that road alone.

The Columbus Elementary School student and his mom, Lindy, left for Colorado last week for seven weeks of radiation and chemotherapy, following the removal of a brain tumor in September. His dad, Paul, and sisters remained at home, but will travel as they can to be with him.

The CES staff sent Koleman off with a “Kolemen Box,” stuffed with Legos, stuffed animals, treats, gum, a blanket and the like, said CES Principal Marlene Deis.

The teachers have created baskets to be raffled off. Tickets can be purchased at the elementary school. Baskets being prepared by the teachers are as follows:

-1st Grade Teachers: Cougar Basket

-2nd Grade Teachers: Ice Cream Basket

-3rd Grade Teachers: Family Game Night Basket

-4th Grade Teachers: Coffee Basket

-5th Grade Teachers: Star Wars Movie Basket

-Special Education and Title 1 Staff: Dinner and Dessert Basket

-Out Laws Basket (Deis, Jeff Bermes, physical education, guidance, secretary): Winter Fun Basket

There is also a bingo night fundraiser at the 307 Bar & Grill on Nov. 17, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., that will benefit Kolemen and two other locals.


Beartooth Beanery owner Heather Meier responded in her typical generous and passionate fashion and set up a “Rally for Kole.”  All tips and 40 percent of the beanery’s total income on this Friday, Nov. 2, will be given to the Gairrett family for a Christmas getaway vacation following Kole’s treatment.

“Kole is an awesome kid, loves baseball and has the best smile!” wrote Meier on the Beartooth Beanery Facebook page. “We are on a mission to help this amazing family have the best Christmas imaginable following Kole’s treatment!”

All orders of more than six cups had to be placed by Wednesday, Oct. 31. Also, blended drinks will not be available at the window Friday morning in order to allow for fast window service and delivery of the pre-orders.

“Hot or iced only please!” asked Meier.

Those wishing to make donations can do so by debit card on Thursday, Nov. 1. An account has also been established for the family at Yellowstone Bank of Columbus.