County talk dirt, bridges and money

Marlo Pronovost
Thursday, January 16, 2020

The following matters were handled at the regular Stillwater County Commission agenda meeting on Tuesday morning:


Commissioners approved the Dowl Service Agreement Soil Compaction Testing for the old hospital site. The soil testing is being done to make sure the back-fill is done properly to avoid sinkhole issues in the future.


County Road Superintendent Mark Schreiner said work on the Ingersoll Bridge continues, with “dirt work” underway and crews waiting on a break in weather.

Commissioners approved a Flood Plain variance for Johnson Bridge and noted that this is the last bridge in the county to be replaced. It is being paid for through the Off-Systems Bridge from the Montana Department of Transportation. Schreiner explained that it works somewhat like a grant and that the county had applied and received it several years ago.


•The Treasurer’s report from September showed approximately $50 million total in all the county’s money.

•The sheriff’s report for December showed $150.

•The sheriff’s quarterly report for the fourth quarter was for $625.


Commissioners approved a Road Use, Repair and Indemnity Agreement with NorthWestern Corporation involving the West Rosebud Road. Schreiner said the agreement allows NorthWestern to plow the road to access its equipment with no liability to the county.