Mask Q & A

Friday, July 17, 2020
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The News posed the following questions to Stillwater County Health Nurse Natasha Sailer:

Q. How will we know when we drop below the required 4 active cases and not be required to wear masks? 

A. At this point in time, Stillwater Community Health will keep everyone informed of how many cases we currently have active in Stillwater County through the COVID-19 Updates on the Stillwater Billings Clinic Facebook Page.  This will be shared by multiple agencies within the county, as well as the Stillwater County News for accurate case counts.  We will be working closely with Unified Command to navigate these cases.  As we are all well aware, cases can fluctuate on a daily basis.  We will work to have more information out to residents about what they can expect through the duration of this Declaration.


Q. Which is accurate — the state map showing total and new cases or the Stillwater Community Health's count and why are those numbers different at times? 

A. Stillwater County Health’s count is accurate.  Due to an error in the state reporting database, results were pushed out to the individual counties without the state’s knowledge. When the state ran reports of totals, it was unaware that this was a flaw, therefore a manual reconciliation process had to take place.  Stillwater County Health Department has worked very hard to maintain the integrity of the total case numbers, as well as active case counts, and will continue to be vigilant in the reporting of accurate, confirmed cases within the county.


Q. Do employees working inside a business have to wear masks? 

A. Yes.  The directive is aimed at all businesses requiring anyone that works with the public, or has interaction with someone within 6 feet require that they wear a mask.  This includes employees and customers alike.


Q. When are masks required when outside? 

A. The new directive does reflect times where masks are required in an outdoor setting. This includes when there is an inability to maintain proper social distancing (greater than 6 feet) from those outside of your immediate family.  This also includes when groups or gatherings of 50 people or more where social distancing is not properly maintained.